Rua do Alecrim 26, 2E
1200 - 018
Lisboa, Portugal
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Fasquia, with registered office in Lisbon, provides engineering and consulting services for residential, offices, retail, hospitality and restaurant projects. Our services comprise:

Project management

  • Draft the work preliminary programme, setting out the requirements and needs of the client;
  • Coordination and management of all relevant projects and teams, namely architecture, engineering, interior design and landscaping;
  • Cost control;
  • Client advisory;
  • Follow-up and monitoring the project teams and their workflow;
  • Provide cost consultancy investment decisions;
  • Perform building condition assessment;
  • Compose facility usage guidelines and relevant technical reports.

Organisation of tender processes

We support the client in choosing the teams and companies to their project. We execute decision- supporting reports and carry out the procurement.

  • Appoint project teams, construction companies, suppliers of equipment and furniture, engineering and maintenance services;
  • Support the legal team of the client in the drafting contracts;
  • Compile, organise and archive all documents and other relavant information;
  • Evaluating proposals;
  • Support in the assignment decisions.

Project audit and revision

On project phase, we conduct auditing and revision, aiming to eliminate project incompatibilities and inconsistencies. We cross-check and verify the deliverables of all parties involved in the project.

We provide technical analysis reports and validate the information received based on the Client intentions and legal requirements in force.

We are a team of engineers who study and audit all aspects of the project, looking at every detail, we have the ability to assess, review and take decisions on behalf of our client.

– Project review at every stage:

(i) preliminary programme;
(ii) concept design;
(iii) licensing project;
(iv) detail and technical design.

  • Endorsement of the preliminary project;
  • Identify project errors and omissions;
  • Estimate construction costs;
  • Assessment about the financial impact of project options;
  • Validate project technical options with regulations in force.

Health and safety supervision on worksite

Fasquia can also coordinate health and safety during construction phase. Preventive follow-up is carried out, monitored regularly with a view to eliminating the risk of accidents at worksite.

Construction site supervision

On construction phase, we follow worksite activities in detail through rigorous and systematic checks and inspections at each relevant stage. Every day we work to optimize each phase of the project to improve cost efficiency. We seek solutions that better answer the interests of our client. We perform time, cost and quality control, ensuring works are executed on exact project terms.

Our strict method and procedures ensure the compliance of the works with the project goals, in both technical execution and financial parameters.

– Site supervision in the different construction phases:

(i) Up front control;
(ii) At execution;
(iii) Upon delivery.

Facility maintenance management.

Our approach focuses on the user needs and their interaction with the building. Our services aim to contribute to the preservation of the original characteristics and authenticity of the project over time.

We also provide technical maintenance services for buildings.

We also assist our Clients in decisions about the project suppliers, from the project designers to the construction contractors, as well as about technical aspects and equipments.